21 February 2020   25. Jumad-us-Thaani 1441
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Five Quick Steps to Ramadan

Five Quick Steps to RamadanWith some 20 days to go for Ramadan here are 5 practical tips to help us prepare.

1. Read ...

Read and revise the rulings of fasting and virtues of Ramadan from an authentic book. One may read the respective chapters from Bahisti Zewar, Taleemul Haq and Fazail Ramadan. If possible make this a collective effort where the entire family can participate.

2. Practice Fasting

It is advisable to get started with the feel of fasting before Ramadan especially if one is not in the habit of keeping nafl fasts in the year. This will help one to get mentally and physically prepared.

Also ensure that all the limbs of your body are 'fasting' from sins and vice.

3. Increase Salah

Start performing a few extra Rakats of optional Salah in the morning and at night. This will whet the appetite for additional Salah in Ramadan and also make easy the performance of 20 Rakats Taraweeh.

4. Write your Duas
Think and write of duas you want to make for yourself, family, friends, and the Ummah. This can also be done as a family activity to share thoughts and sentiments to learn and revise what we should be asking Allah Ta'ala for. Since the treasures of Allah Ta'ala are boundless we should not hold back in asking. Make these duas regularly in Ramadan.

5. Spend time in good company

The company of the pious is always beneficial and in Ramadan its effect is increased. The blend of good company with good actions will yield the fruits of Taqwa - Insha Allah. 

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