04 June 2020   11. Shawwal 1441
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Giving 'Dead Stock' as Zakah

Masha Allah, South African Muslims are generally prompt in discharging their Zakah.

However, an increasing number of people are disbursing their Zakah in the form of goods, clothing, furniture, etc.

Although it is permissible to discharge Zakah in other forms besides monetary, there is serious concern that items given as Zakah are either unsuitable or not permissible.

In some instances, items such as T-shirts with obscene wordings or images, or only one shoe of a pair, was given out as Zakah. Obviously this is totally incorrect and unacceptable.

According to Shariah, items or goods disbursed as Zakah must be usable and of reasonable quality, not inferior or 'dead stock.'

Should anyone not fulfil these guidelines, it will be better to disburse the Zakah in monetary form.

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