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Muslims world over find themselves facing many ideological and social challenges. Various forms of ills have taken root resulting in marital discord, divorce, child abuse, suicide, drug abuse and dereliction of duty becoming rife in Muslim society.

However, despite this, Muslims must be grateful that Islam provides a unique value system, unlike other nations that are trying to remedy their problems through a flawed system destined to create further complexity.

A prominent Muslim thinker wisely states : “Critics will point out the many domestic problems in Muslim societies today similar to the problems in the West. True. But that should not blind us to the key difference between the two. The problems in the West are a result of the value system adopted by it; those in Muslim homes result from deviating from their values. One is suffering by taking the wrong medicine, the other for failing to take the right one.”

The Social Department of Darul Ihsan is committed to promoting this unique value system through intensive counselling, empowerment and education. Activities of this department include:

The word "sadness" does not appear in the Qur'an except in the form of forbidding it or negating it. Allah says “Do not worry and do not be sad” and“So there is no fear for them and nor will they grieve.”
The reason for this is because there is no benefit for having sadness in the heart.

CAIRO — Parents spending more time on their smartphones and tablets than with their children has become a real issue these days.

Realigning ourselves with Allah – The Prescription for the Ummah’s CrisisAllah Ta‘ala promises in the Quraan: “It is Our duty to assist the believers.” However, we find that from the 1930’s there was always a decline in the condition of the Ummah, so where is the promise of Allah Ta‘ala? The promise of Allah Ta‘ala is there and in place, but for every promise there are conditions.

Interview with the Wife of Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani(Reproduced, with minor editing, from ‘The Intellect’ magazine (published in Karachi, Pakistan), with direct permission from the Interviewee and Shaykh Mufti Taqi Usmani)

Dealing with lustful thoughtsAn individual who was blind, physically weak and financially challenged complained about the his lustful attraction towards women and boys that was driving him crazy. He elaborated that this feelings had even led him to become negligent of food consumption. I pray but sometimes I’m unaware of what was recited in prayers. I am very much afraid of this condition. I request a remedy for it.

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