27 January 2020   1. Jumad-us-Thaani 1441
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Amaanat (Trust)

Hakeem ul Ummah Thanvi rahmatullahi alayh stated:

Man's life is the property' of Allah Ta'ala and He has imposed on us rights in respect to our own lives. Life has been bestowed to us as an Amaanat. (Trust). It is therefore incumbent to utilize and guard this Amaanat according to the Divine Command. Among the rights incumbent on us in respect of our lives are:

The protection of its health and strength. This means to refrain from any such activity, which unnecessarily imposes strain and frustration. Neglect in these rights results in interference with one's Deen. Peace of mind and courage are destroyed and in consequence one will fail to render service to others. At times, due to the frustration and weakness, one's condition aggravates to the degree where one's very Imaan is in danger of elimination. This grave state results because of impatience and ingratitude fostered by the frustration and depression which overtakes man who has failed in fulfilling the rights of his own body and soul.

The a foregoing discussion establishes clearly that health, strength and peace of mind are desireable ends to be pursued. All such acts which interfere with the attainment of these ends are detestable. Such impediments are at times totally prohibited and sometimes they are reprehensible.

Sometimes these laudable aims (health, strength and peace) are wrecked, not by any voluntary action by man himself, but by an Act of Allah Ta'ala. In such cases of hardship sabr has to be adopted. Thawaab accrues in the wake of these divinely imposed hardships while at the same time divine aid is granted to enable one to withstand the difficulties and hardships. In this way frustration and despondency do not settle over one. Such divinely imposed hardships occurred to all Ambiyaa (alayhi sallam) and Auliyaa Kiraam. The Qur'aan and Hadith are replete with such episodes.

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