28 January 2020   2. Jumad-us-Thaani 1441
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The Explosion of Noor (Light)

The ahadtih of our beloved Nabi (Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam) encourages us of a number of deeds (Aamaal) which on the Day of Qiyaamat will be a means of increased Noor.
Some of these deeds are:

1. The performance of Salah with jamaat (congregation) at the masjid especially travelling/walking in the pitch darkness of the night will earn the person a special noor. (Abu Dawood)
2. The performance of the five daily salah is a means of noor; and not performing the salah will deprive a person of noor. (Musnad Ahmad)
3. The reciter of Surah Khaf will shine of extreme noor as though the noor will shine from his place (of resting) towards Makkah Mukarramah. (Tibrani)
In another narration, it is mentioned that by reciting Surah Khaf every Friday, noor will glow from his feet up to the heavens. (Tibrani)
4. Reciting the Noble Quran will be a means of noor in the hereafter. (Musnad Ahmad)
5. Reading Durood Sharief will also generate noor. (Daylami)
6. The removal of hair from the head after Hajj or Umrah, each strand of hair will represent noor. (Tibrani).
7. The pelting of the Jamaraat in Mina is a source of noor. (Bazzar)
8. The white hair on the head & face of a person (reaching old age) will be converted into noor) (Tibrani)
9. The person fighting in the path of Allah throwing each arrow will be blessed with noor. (Bazzar)
10. The person remembering Allah at the bazaars and market places will earn with each strand of hair noor. (Bayhaqi)
11. Whosoever removes a difficulty of a Muslim, noor will be shown for him on the Pul Siraat (thinnest line of crossing on the Day of Qiyamaat). (Tibrani).

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