27 January 2020   1. Jumad-us-Thaani 1441
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Staying away from Sin

Worshipping Allah Jalla Shaanuhu and being obedient to the laws of Allah (Jalla Shaanuhu) generates noor (light). The opposite is equally true, committing a sin drowns one in gloom, grief, darkness and depression. Ah, just ponder about the condition of insaan if only he cultivates a deep desire to:

Bask in the noor (light) of Allah (Jalla Shaanuhu) and light up the face with that blinding brightness?

Allow the heart to gobble up the exquisite serenity?

Devour the deep satisfaction and contentment that accompany sinless lifestyle? 

Propel the “nafs” towards good deeds? and Secures himself from all impulsive and/or compulsive evil acts?

It is thus simple logic … good deeds enhance and liven up the heart with Noor; and indulging in sins drowns the heart in murkiness, menacing darkness and perpetual restlessness.

How silly and sad, if man ignores this!

Currently, much emphasis is placed upon performing nafl (voluntary acts), and very little, or no importance is placed on abstaining from “sin”. Unfortunately, it is these ominous, dark and dangerous clouds of “sins” that completely wipe out and destroy the noor (light) of Allah (Jalla Shaanuhu) … (inner spirituality) of insaan.

A quick overview of some common, but destructive sins, are: Evil Glances : Looking at strange women (na-mahrams) with lust. Included in such an evil deed is also the viewing of photographs, images, drawings, etc.

Backbiting : In the Noble Quran-e-Kareem, Allah Ta’ala explicitly warns: “And do not backbite on each other.” (S. 49, V. 12)

Unfortunately, backbiting has become one of the most despicable practices among all and sundry. So deadly is this evil that even the people of status, position and power are ensnared in its treacherous web. The poison of this dark evil becomes even more lethal because the backbiter/s assumes/assume to be superior, and openly expose the wrong of the one/s they are backbiting about. The inherent “pride” in this dastardly act is the “killer”.

Speaking Lies : Yet another poisonous arrow that is destroying the “inner spirituality” of insaan is the disease of speaking lies. The fact that Allah (Jalla Shaanuhu) has cursed a liar is adequate testimony of its seriousness. In fact Allah Ta’ala shall not grant His Rahmat (mercy) to the one who lies, and he/she shall be destined for the fire of jahannam.

Someone asked Nabi (Salallahu alaihi wa Sallam) whether a believer (Mu’min) can be a liar? Nabi (Salallahu alaihi wa Sallam) replied, “No”. (Mishkaat) Speaking lies, even jokingly, is a sin. Worldly Glitter and Glamour : Allah (Jalla Shaanuhu) has created man weak and fallible. Thus it is no surprise that man constantly falls prey to the attractions of this worldly life. In spite of being gifted with the ability to steer away from such distractions, insaan still elects to become a victim of shaitaan’s whispers and devious traps. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to see Muslims today who fall in the last category and make little effort to acquire “soul-saving-knowledge”.
This is what the second Khalif of Islam; Hadhrat Umar Ibn-ul-Khattaab (R) had predicted when he said: “Soon the bonds of Islam will be loosened bit by bit, because people will enter into Islam but will be unaware of jaahiliyyah (ignorant practices that Islam opposes)”.

Effectively, they shall become so immodest and shameless that they will feel no guilt at all. Indulgence in sins and getting “hooked”, on to shaitaan’s web will become a matter of fact and a willy-nilly occurrence. [Ibnu Taymiyyah; Majmoo-ul-Fataawaa; 10/301]

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