05 December 2019   7. Rabi-us-Thaani 1441
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Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre engages in many broad community outreaches.

Having to care for five children, their school fees, clothing, medical, transport, food provisions, etc. is not easy for a single parent mom. The father of the children assists if and when he feels like!

Mr P is a dialysis patient.

However, due to unforeseen circumstances his medical aid was discontinued and there were no funds available for him to continue with his life-supporting kidney dialysis treatment.

My late wife (may Allah grant her Jannah) and I reverted to Islam many years ago
I hereby wish to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to Darul Ihsan for the many ways in which the organisation is striving for the upliftment of the Ummah of Rasool-paak (SAW) and the entire mankind.
I'm really greatful to your organisation for handing out food parcels to me as well as many many other people at Addington oncology department this morning.
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  • Zakaah Nisaab: R5721.47

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