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Akhbar (No. 193)



13 October - 22 Muharram 1439 Click Here to view online

Reason with your nafs to subjugate it

Mufti Zubair Bayat (DB)

Summary: The greatest obstacle in reaching Allah SWT is love for the Dunya as it creates unmindfulness of Allah SWT and the Aakhirah. Hazrat Imam Ghazali (R) advises that in order to overcome this a person should spend a few minutes daily in solitude to reflect over one’s condition i.e Muhasabah-e-nafs. The importance of such pondering is mentioned countless times in the Quran as a practice which is extremely beneficial. The Pious Akabireen emphasised Muhasabah-e-nafs and Muraqabah-e-maut as the means of taking stock of one’s weaknesses and failings and remembering death.

According to Imam Ghazali (R) the nafs should be advised that the best means of escaping from the love of this world is to identify and eradicate the strongest connection to this world preventing progress in the journey of the Aakhirah, whether it be love for wealth, status etc. The nafs should be reminded that even the disobedient servants of Allah who do not possess Iman enjoy far more wealth and fame despite being embodiments of evil and sin, therefore what benefit is there in pursuing these avenues. As a court may be lenient to a criminal who confesses and shows remorse, so too will Allah SWT treat us with compassion and forgiveness if we acknowledge our sinfulness and confess our shortcomings.

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