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The 'Basic Islam Course', an educational initiative of Darul Ihsan Centre has completed another successful year.

At 1:00 AM on Friday, 08 December 2018 a committee member from the Quarry Road Informal Settlement informed Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre of a huge fire incident at the settlement which affected and displaced at least 130 residents.

Students, parents and teachers from Malagazi, Inanda, Quarry Heights, Waterloo, Zinyati and Castlehill converged to attend the year-end Jalsa of their respective Madrasahs at Castlehill Primary Hall in Newlands West. The programme was convened by Darul Ihsan on behalf of Madrasah Bilal, a primary Madrasah based at Masjid Bilal, Newlands West.

Amongst the wide range of community outreaches that Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre is actively involved with is the organization’s ‘Feed the Needy’ initiative.

The Education Department of Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre conducts many broad educational projects for the benefit of the Ummah.

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