28 January 2020   2. Jumad-us-Thaani 1441
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Youth Vacation Prog held in Strand

Darul Ihsan Youth initiatives were taken to Cape Town this winter, were a intensive holiday camp was held over 6 days during the June winter vacation.

The initiative was well received by both youth and the parents who pointed out that such programmes are a dire need for our communities, especially in the holidays.

The focus of this programme was character building and leadership skills development - this was achieved through interactive activities by counsellors and Ulama who conducted the presentations. The Strand Fire Department conducted a practical demonstration on fire safety and rescue and had the youth enthralled as participants got to explore the fire engine and how it functions.

Sports, games, a drug awareness programme as well a morning of art for relieving stress were incorporated into the programme. The initiative served to keep the youth occupied in the vacation and away from the temptations of the enivrons, especially in the areas they live in.

Darul Ihsan and Youth of the Ummah (YOU) thanks all who contributed to the programme and the participants who made the programme so memorable.

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