20 January 2020   23. Jumad-ul-Ula 1441
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Volunteers active in Relief Outreach in Vryheid - KZN

The annual ‘Winter Warmth’ blanket distribution drive of Darul Ihsan Humanitarian reaches needy communities in the far corners of South Africa.

On Saturday 13 July 2019 the Centre’s Relief Team distributed blankets, woollen gloves and hats, biscuits and fruit packs at five locations in Vryheid.

The relief operation in the area – which comprised the distribution of almost 400 blankets - was facilitated in conjunction with learners from Madrasah Islamia Ibrahimia and sisters from Safeeraatut Deen in Vryheid.

The distribution was carried out by a team of females headed by Sisters Dilshaad Shaik, Annisa Jassat and Muneera Kathrada and a team of males headed by Abdul Saeed Shaik from Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre and Maulana Maseehullah Kathrada Saheb from Vryheid.

The male team departed for the ‘Ema 300’ informal settlement where they were met by Councillor Absolom Mbatha and ward committee member Mr Henry Khanyile.

After addressing the residents, blankets and all other items were handed to the residents of the settlement.

The Relief Team proceeded to the Bhekuzulu Service Centre – one based at Msomi Street and another based at Gama Street - where they were met by Mrs Khumalo and Cynthia Tango respectively. Here blankets, woollen gloves, fruit and biscuit packs were distributed to mostly elderly women and men.

The sisters team visited and carried out the distribution at the SAVF Old Age Home and at the Inkululekho Children’s Home – both situated in Central Vryheid.

All recipients and officials expressed their most sincere gratitude to the Relief Team and local facilitators for the ‘Winter Warmth’ drive – particularly in an area which experiences very cold and harsh winters.

“These relief visits are an eye opener to all. It is sad to see the various challenges that many of the residents in Vryheid face. Jazakallah to Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre and the Muslim community of Vryheid for their kind contribution and support.” (Safeeraatut Deen)

Alhamdulillah, through the dedicated, generous and ongoing support of the Muslim community Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre’s blanket campaign has effectively brought warmth and comfort to thousands countrywide.

Darul Ihsan Media Desk

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