01 June 2020   8. Shawwal 1441
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Q & A

Muslims world over find themselves facing many ideological and social challenges. Various forms of ills have taken root resulting in marital discord, divorce, child abuse, suicide, drug abuse and dereliction of duty becoming rife in Muslim society.

However, despite this, Muslims must be grateful that Islam provides a unique value system, unlike other nations that are trying to remedy their problems through a flawed system destined to create further complexity.

A prominent Muslim thinker wisely states : “Critics will point out the many domestic problems in Muslim societies today similar to the problems in the West. True. But that should not blind us to the key difference between the two. The problems in the West are a result of the value system adopted by it; those in Muslim homes result from deviating from their values. One is suffering by taking the wrong medicine, the other for failing to take the right one.”

The Social Department of Darul Ihsan is committed to promoting this unique value system through intensive counselling, empowerment and education. Activities of this department include:

Q: I have recently been diagnosed with anxiety as there was no medical explanation for my symptoms. How I should go forward in dealing with this anxiety according to Islamic guidelines, as I do not want to get caught up in medication and therapy?

Q: I am in a major predicament, very frustrated and upset. My child has chosen to leave our faith and embraced another religion. What should I do ?

I am having difficulty in finding a marriage partnerI am having difficulty in finding a suitable marriage partner and would like to know if it is a good idea to search for one through a marriage bureau and websites. Please guide me on how to secure a good marriage partner.

Marrying a woman who has lost her virginityQ. I intend proposing marriage to a woman who has lost her virginity. Is this permissible to marry such a woman?

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