23 September 2019   23. Muharram 1441
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My child has reneged from Islam

Q: I am in a major predicament, very frustrated and upset. My child has chosen to leave our faith and embraced another religion. What should I do ?

A: Leaving the fold of Islam is a serious matter and one we should constantly seek protection from. May Allah Ta’ala protect our Imaan and keep us steadfast till the end. We advise you to keep an open door policy with your child in this sense that you let your child know that as a parent you are there, if there is any need or help that is required. At the same time you should maintain a position of your child knowing that you are displeased with him or her in terms of Deen and faith. This will psychologically bear on the child.

Do not openly criticise, condemn or distance your child from you. Allah Ta’ala is the controller of hearts and your perseverance upon dua and concern for your child’s Imaan will one day bear fruit and revert your child to Deen of Islam Insha Allah. We are making dua for you and for your child to return to the straight path.

Darul Ihsan Social Department

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