23 September 2019   23. Muharram 1441
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How I should go forward in dealing with this anxiety according to Islamic guidelines?

Q: I have recently been diagnosed with anxiety as there was no medical explanation for my symptoms. How I should go forward in dealing with this anxiety according to Islamic guidelines, as I do not want to get caught up in medication and therapy?

A: We are inspired by your question and commend you for seeking your solution to this challenge in ‘Islamic guidelines’.

Anxiety and worry are caused by overwhelming conditions and challenges. A Muslim has the perfect answer to anxiety – a concept or state called Tafweedh – which means to resign all affairs to Allah Ta’ala. Once a person develops this state then irrespective of the trials experienced, a capacity is acquired to move forward with belief and commitment. A true believer is convinced about Allah Ta’ala’s divine plan, wisdom and help in all aspects of life. The Greatness and Recognition of Allah Ta’ala becomes the central focus of life.

To support the concept of Tafweedh you will need to meditate over Allah Ta’ala’s greatness, be steadfast on obedience and regular with Zikr and other spiritual exercises. A holistic spiritual plan is the best response to the worries of the world.

Allah Ta’ala says in the Quran, “Listen attentively, only in the remembrance of Allah will the heart find contentment.” (Surah Ra’d)

However, to acquire this it requires a constant and steadfast effort that encompasses a lifetime. This ability is most effectively acquired by consulting a reputable and authentic spiritual guide. The guide, who is qualified and experienced will be able to identify and diagnose a condition and make recommendations.

We make dua that Allah Ta’ala guide and assist you and us in the quest for Him.

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

Darul Ihsan Social Department

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