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Guest Impressions
Heritage Day - Making our Mark
Last Updated on Sep 23 2016

Heritage Day - Making...

A true Muslim is one who has a genuine concern for the Ummat of Rasulullah ﷺ and humanity. He holds the condition, concerns and trials of humanity close to his heart. This Ummat has been given the mantle of being the best Ummat (nation) by virtue...
SA encouraged to save water
Last Updated on Sep 07 2016

SA encouraged to save...

The South African Weather Service has encouraged South Africans to use water sparingly as the country is still experiencing drought conditions.
‘Google’ can’t see Israel’s Apartheid Wall
Last Updated on Sep 07 2016

‘Google’ can’t see...

When the American technology giant Google was accused of deleting Palestine from its Maps app, following a global protest it admitted that it was never labelled as such in the first place, even though 136 members of the UN recognise Palestine as an...
Preparations for the day of Haj
Last Updated on Sep 07 2016

Preparations for the day...

Haj is a trip of lifetime; it is only required once from a Muslim and it is only the first one that counts as the fulfilment of the obligation.
France: First official refugee camp to open in Paris
Last Updated on Sep 07 2016

France: First official...

France is set to open its first approved refugee camp in the capital by the end of September, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo announced Wednesday. Hidalgo said a second camp will follow.

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Tour Darul Ihsa...
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Tour Darul Ihsa...
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Mahr Fatimi:  R14 191.44
Minimum Mahr:  R283.82
Zakaah Nisaab: R5676.57
Updated on 23 Sep 2016

Mufti Zubair Bayat

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